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Improve your search engine rankings and increase social media engagement by availing us to grow your online brand. Our creative marketing specialist will build a consistent and focused digital marketing strategy across platforms. We can also guide and train you on how to engage better online, so your posts and ads get higher reach.

Our team enables companies to improve their search engine rankings and increase social media engagement in order to grow their online brand. Our trained creative marketing team builds effective, consistent, and focused digital marketing strategies across various platforms;  while guiding and training customers on how to better engage their online audience, so posts and ads get higher exposure. Here are some of our satisfied customers:


Events Bathurst

Events Bathurst is a one-stop support service for local organizations that hosts regional, provincial or national activities including, but not limited to, tournaments, conventions, and family/recreational gatherings. Since the spring of 2018, we have assisted Events Bathurst in creating and managing an effective digital marketing campaign that is supplemented with custom HD video production. The core elements of this marketing strategy are as follows: website management, create copywriting content and social media posts, run ads, conduct market research, produce videos, and search engine optimization strategies. All with a goal to increase the awareness of the events, facilities, and attractions in the Chaleur region, and aspire people to travel to-- for both work and pleasure.

We used a content marketing strategy for this campaign, which is the use of storytelling and valuable information to increase brand awareness in order to get your target audience to take action. By publishing videos, blogs, and graphics that are shareable, the audience is encouraged to visit the website and interact with the content such as, reading, sharing, or commenting.

For the past year, we have been publishing videos, blogs, and graphics that are shareable to promote everything Bathurst has to offer, and have been seeing the benefits. Their website visits increased by 253% yr/yr, with 29% from NB, 34% from Quebec, and 28% from Ontario. The Facebook total impressions for 2018 is 720,000 (an increase of 345% from last year). In addition, Expedia recently named the city of Bathurst as one of the, ‘Top 10 Places Canadians Recommend to Visit’, in 2019; and was also named the “Hidden Gem” of NB.


Scholten’s Convenience Stores are a locally owned and independently operated business. Through researching and planning strategies, creating and curating content, and analyzing data; we act as the voice for all five Scholten’s locations by creating, posting and promoting their social media content.  

When Outreach met with Scholten’s Convenience in 2017, their main marketing goal is to be the hub of their community, and we wanted to translate that goal online. Therefore, Outreach used a community management strategy, meaning our primary objective was to create an environment in which members feel able to connect not only with Scholten’s, but with each other. By doing this it created a space that allowed us to build visibility and credibility for the brand, while encouraging members to interact and connect with the business itself.

Our strategy includes daily posts for the five stores, photography, video clips, copywriting and live giveaways. Our daily posts varies from store promotions to current happenings in the community of each of their five locations. We have noticed tremendous and measurable growth in Scholten’s online following and engagement, showing an increase of an average of 250% in ad impressions.

NB Career Development Action Group

The New Brunswick Career Development Action Group commissioned Outreach Productions to manage their marketing campaign called “NB Career Coaches”. The aim for this campaign was to raise awareness of the need for families as career coaches for youth moving from high school into post-secondary education. This included the development of a website and a series of bilingual videos that supported this online initiative, in order to encourage families to get involved with their youth as career coaches. Outreach Productions delivered a marketing campaign in both official languages to a targeted Facebook and Google campaign for adults in New Brunswick.

The social media and digital marketing result of this campaign exceeded our expectations. Through custom-made graphics, digital assets (photos, video, and graphics) and labour market information, the 5-month digital marketing campaign had the following result:

FACEBOOK: Advertising on Facebook alone resulted in well over 100,000 people reached.

YOUTUBE: The four bilingual YouTube videos produced a total of 391,041 views, and made 1,621,185 appearances to the targeted viewers, which helped send traffic to the website.

GOOGLE AD: The main Google ad was intended to direct traffic to the website and resulted in 588,657 people reached, and 866 direct clicks to the website. Utilizing YouTube and Google in Adwords campaigns resulted in 2,154,997 ad appearances.

WEBSITE: The website traffic results are impressive! The website received 370,000 hits throughout the duration of this campaign, and received 34,527 ‘unique visitors’, which were all recorded as having actually spent time on the website. The bulk of these visitors were in Canada. Furthermore, many of the visitors went beyond the home page while visiting the website, with close to 100,000 page views.

The team originally estimated that the campaign would result in around 5,000 combined views; but having far exceeded this, demonstrates the power and effectiveness of targeted, integrated outreach. Having this solid foundation, the project team will use this campaign platform moving forward to promote family engagement through outreach activities in schools and in partnership with non-government organizations.


Outreach Production has demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver quality products, on time and as required. My positive experience with the company has been consistent across projects which involved video production, audio work (i.e. voice actor work), website development and social media marketing. The integration of their expertise has resulted in several, highly successful projects for me. The team at Outreach Productions is professional, creative and easy to work with. It is with great confidence that I would recommend them to others. - Miriam M. Project Manager